Born and raised in Clearwater, Florida; Taylor Mack got her start as an artist in elementary school, when one of her pieces was chosen as part of an art auction. "My mom wanted to be the one to buy my piece, and she ended up buying it for $300 because another woman kept bidding against her", she says with a laugh.

      Before and after that, she was the kind of girl who doodled on her classwork, always hand-made cards for her mother for birthdays and Mother's Day, and adorned the walls of her room with drawings she had done herself. "I used to draw tribal tattoos on my arms. I never really drew people, but more abstract things. I always liked a lot of color".

      From a young age, her first love was soccer. She played midfield and occasionally forward and excelled all throughout high school, eventually being approached by the coach of the North Carolina Tarheels during a summer camp she attended in 2006. That chapter was ended by the beginning of Senior year, when she injured both knees during different games.

      Taylor didn't let that stop her. By 2009, she had rekindled her romance with art and started learning how to paint. Her first foray was in the summer of 2008 when she and some friends created a memorial to her mother on one of the walls in her house. She says that "[working on the memorial] helped me rediscover my purpose of being an artist."

      Taylor went on to experiment with oils and then discovered her passion for acrylic. She started out on canvas, which she still favors, although some her pieces are done on different kinds of wood, which you can see in her gallery.

      For me, the best way to describe the style of her art is by something she said to my daughter: "Adeline, remember when I paint, I use all the colors." She paints the way she lives her life, for sure: with a mix of textures, with a distinct flair, and above all: bold, rich, vibrant and sometimes deceptively delicate - she uses all the colors.